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Clarksville Residents Love Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation

What Our Patients Say….

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call our office at (812) 282-7500 or use the “Email Doctor” link at the footer of this page.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Joseph Rogers and Dr. Rich Zupancic

Awesome Place, Great Compassion

Love the staff, everyone there always brightens my day. I look forward to feeling better, mentally and physically. We are a being of three parts; spirit, soul and body. True healing address all three and so does this practice. Laughter does good like a medicine, they all have a wonder sense of life giving joy. I can also move without stiffness and pain. Awesome place, great compassion and knowledgeable healing skills.

– Theresa B

You Exceeded My Expectations!



“I came to Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation at the recommendation of a coworker. I was having lower back and leg pain from a herniated disc. In the past year I had tried over the counter medications, prescription medications and physical therapy, none of which helped. I had gotten some relief with regular chiropractic care, but I was still having lower back pain and the burning and tingling in my legs was getting worse. I was having problems in my job, hobbies and normal daily activities because of my back. My quality of life was terrible. I couldn’t bend over or lift anything without pain. Life was unbearable.Dr. Rogers recommended Decompression treatment with rehabilitation exercises and since completing the treatment plan I have little to no pain. My life is awesome now! I have no limits! I am very satisfied with my care at Clarksville Spine &Rehabilitation. I refer everyone that has pain. I’ve recommended my kids to get help and two are now patients. Thank you very much! You all are awesome and are great friends! You all treat us great and are very welcoming – you exceeded my expectations!”

– Teresa B. – Jeffersonville, IN

The doctors and staff at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation are great!



“Before coming to Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation, I had been to Floyd Memorial’s ER as well as a medical doctor for pain medications because of a burning lower back pain. At the urging of a family member, I came to Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation since the pain was affecting my job, driving, showering and even being a volunteer fire fighter. 95 % of the time, I couldn’t even get out of bed without pain. The prescription drugs were making me sleep all the time and they didn’t help. I had no quality of life. I couldn’t even pull the toilet seat up! Since getting treatment at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation, I have a life now! The doctors recommended chiropractic care, muscle and soft tissue treatment, as well as rehabilitation exercises to help me. Now I can walk, sit, sleep, drive and shower without back pain. The doctors and staff at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation are great…just very great! I am 50 years old and did not believe in this type of doctor…but now, I thank God for them!”

– Earl G. – Henryville, IN

I think I am better than before I had the initial episode!



“For over three months I had a throbbing, burning pain that would start in my buttock region and travel down to my knee and in the front towards my groin. This sciatic pain was so intense that after hours of crying and pacing the floor,I had to seek relief at the emergency room where they gave me injections to ease the pain. After that when I wasn’t having a flare up, I had to be careful with everything I did because the simplest thing (turning or bending over) would set it off. And once it was set off, there was nothing I could do. I had tried medications in the past and some of those made me sick to my stomach. A friend of mine had mentioned how much Dr. Rogers had helped her with a similar problem, so I thought I’d give it a try. The staff at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation made it seem like they had known me forever,they were very kind and concerned, even on my first visit. Dr. Rogers recommended a treatment plan of Decompression Therapy, rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic care. After the Decompression treatment I am back to normal, actually I think I am better than before I had the initial episode! I really can’t say enough good things about everyone at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation without sounding a little corny, but I really think I get the best treatment there, that there is to get….and the staff and doctors are simply the best!”

– Diana C., Bedford, KY

I am back to doing normal things…



“I have had trigeminal neuralgia since last fall that gave me severe jabbing facial and tongue pain. I was unable to do the simple things in life like eating, brushing my teeth and washing the side of my face – the pain made it so I did not want to do any of these! When I would have an attack, I wouldn’t be able to talk to chew. I sought help with my GP and a neurologist for this problem, both of which only gave me medications to help with the pain. Since beginning care, I have been treated excellently by the staff and doctor at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation and found them very friendly, caring and hard working. I am back to doing normal things. I have no pain. I am eating and drinking cold drinks and I even have better posture. I am very much satisfied with my experience at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation.”

– Joyce D. – Henryville, IN

Both the staff and doctors are great here…

“I was having achy lower back pain with a burning and tingling sensation into my leg everyday, for over a year. My medical doctor had given me shots, but they only helped for 2-3 days, so he sent me to Physical Therapy that did not help either. Before getting treatment, I couldn’t clean my house, drive my car or work without my back and leg pain. I did things, but they were hard to do because of my pain. My medical doctor finally recommended that I try care at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation. Since I began working with Dr. Rogers, I can now drive my car, clean my house and work without back pain. Both the staff and doctors are great here and I am more than satisfied with my care at Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation.”

– Lyda F., Clarksville, IN

Lower back pain had been troubling me for a very long time…

“I was originally referred to Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation from a friend, for lower back pain and tightness in my neck. The lower back pain had been troubling me for a very long time and I had noticed the neck for several months. I was experiencing an aching, nagging hurt and tightness that was getting to be constant. The sides of my neck were tight and tense and very sore to the touch. Several areas of my life had been affected by my symptoms – Just about everything…..taking long car rides, sitting at work, gardening and housework. It was even keeping me from enjoying playing with my grandkids. The pain had become a daily event that was causing distress and depression.
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I was feeling much older than I am. I had tried over the counter medications for my symptoms with not much success. My quality of life was deteriorating to the point that I didn’t want to do many everyday things. I could not enjoy each day to its fullest. Since beginning care at Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation – The treatment has helped my problem WONDERFULLY! Both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Rich are the best I’ve ever seen! Both have only my well being foremost in their treatments. Dr. Rogers planned a range of visits to fit my conditions that have constantly improved to where I do feel younger than my years and better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I can now do things that I could not do before the treatment. I can lift the grandkids, sit and sew without pain, hoe in the garden and take longer trips without discomfort. The staff is excellent. They put you at ease, answer any and all concerns and are very easy to work with. You will not find a more caring office than this one. Everyone is always upbeat and puts a smile on your face. I am definitely satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Rogers and Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation.” Beverly B. – Charlestown, IN

Since beginning my treatments, my tingling, numbness and stiffness has gone away.

“I had been having a neck pain and stiffness for approximately 3 years after a weight lifting injury. My fingers would be numb in the mornings and tingle throughout the day. I originally went to my family doctor, who sent me for an MRI and then physical therapy, but nothing helped. I had disc bulges in my neck. Actually the physical therapy made the pain worse, and the over the counter medications only gave me some relief for a small amount of time. The medical doctors told me that my neck injury wouldn’t effect anything in my life. They were wrong…..My job as a police officer, my hobbies of lifting weights and sometimes even my family, were being effected.”
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“I was having tingling in my hands, stiffness and pain in my neck, as well as sleepless nights. I was always tired at work and my energy level was way too low. I was trying to keep up with normal activities – I’m not the type of person to give up on anything – but all this did was make my pain worse. On my first visit to Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation the experience was ‘unreal’ – Almost like a family experience. Everyone was friendly and knew my name. If I were to go back to my family doctors office the very next day, they wouldn’t know my name and would have to look me up – but not at this office. I wish every doctor’s office had staff like Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation. I don’t ever mind coming for my appointments. Because of the disc herniations, Dr. Rogers felt I was a good candidate for the Decompression Therapy. Since beginning my treatments, my tingling, numbness and stiffness has gone away. I have noticed my quality of life improving because I feel better and I am able to get more sleep. I also wake up without any pain or stiffness. I am back to weight lifting, which is a hobby I love. I can say that I am more than satisfied with the care I am receiving from Dr. Rogers and Clarksville Spine and Rehabilitation.” – Andrew D. from Jeffersonville, IN

Back Pain Relieved

“I had excruciating pain on my right side in my MID-BACK. Since coming in, the pain is a lot less severe. I have had a positive experience in your office. Both the doctors and staff have always been very nice and helpful.”

– Dan S.

“I had LOWER BACK PAIN that traveled into my RIGHT LEG for 5 months. I had tried physical therapy, several shots into my spine, TENS units, ice and two spine surgeons consulted with me. The pain was unbearable and was a 10 out of a 10. Now after being treated, the pain is much better. I am able to work and live much better. The doctors and staff are very nice. If one treatment didn’t work, they would try something different. I would recommend anyone with back trouble to them.”

– Pat I.

“I had EXTREME LOWER BACK PAIN with TINGLING down the left leg on and off for years. Every aspect of my life was affected. I had to quit hockey and my job was too much. Anything physical was too much. I was miserable and felt like I should just give up. Since I began spinal decompression the pain is gone! I feel great and my friends and family can tell a difference. I am extremely satisfied and have recommended Clarksville Spine to many friends and family. You guys are great!”

– Vanessa M.

“Surgery was recommended because I had a disc protrusion into my spinal cord. I was having tingling achy pain that was affecting my duties at work and ALL of my daily activities like showering, cleaning the house, cut the grass, combing my hair and personal hygiene. A friend referred me to Dr. Rogers who recommended Non-Surgical Spinal decompression, chiropractic, muscle and soft tissue treatment as well as rehabilitation exercises. Since beginning treatment I am making great progress. I am now able to sleep with less pain and help with washing clothes. The staff and most of all Dr. Rogers and Dr. Rich have been wonderful. Clarksville Spine has provided great service.”

– Darrell G.

Custom Orthotics and Plantar Fasciitis

“I could hardly walk. My back, hip, knees and feet were hurting. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I tried cortisone, medications and surgery. Now after working with Dr. Rogers, I don’t have as much pain in the mornings and my back, hip and knees are improving. The shoe inserts that were made helps out a lot, I am able to work again. Everyone has been very nice and made me feel comfortable by giving me support and acknowledging my pain to make it easier to keep working. Everyone is very professional and took time with me.”

– Marsha S.

Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation Helped Me!

I had HEADACHES and NECK PAIN for 2 years, but since beginning treatment my symptoms have been drastically reduced in frequency and severity. The education and treatment of my condition by Dr. Rogers and his staff has been exceptional. The doctors and staff are polite and continually provide a first class treatment experience. – Brent M.

I’ve been suffering with LEFT SHOULDER PAIN for about a year. I am now able to move it better. I am extremely satisfied with both the chiropractors and staff. Keep up the good work! – Jerry C.

The doctors and staff are very nice and helpful. Dr. Rich is very gentle to me. Chrissy C.

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