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Clarksville Chiropractor Dr. Joseph Rogers

Clarksville chiropractor Dr. Joseph Rogers

Dr. Joseph Rogers

I became familiar with chiropractic at 24 years old.

After a sports injury caused a neck and shoulder injury that forced me look for alternatives to surgery, I became familiar with chiropractic. I was an already an engineer for Westinghouse at the time, when a mountain bike injury cause me to have a sharp shooting pain from my neck to my shoulder that would not heal and drastically affected my ability to work and enjoy my active lifestyle.

After months seeing various medical doctors and physical therapists, that had little effect on my pain or function, I was left with surgery as my only option or live with my pain. Neither of which I was willing to accept. So, still trying to hold onto my fading active lifestyle, I happened to mention my problem to a friend at the gym who turned out to be a chiropractor. He agreed to look at my shoulder and diagnosed me a structural and muscular injury that had been previously missed by the other medical professionals.

Together, my chiropractor and I began a different kind of treatment, one that I had never had before and within one month he had restored most of my range of motion and within three months I was pain-free and back in the game of life!

My Chiropractic Inspiration & Education

To tell you the truth, that one experience made such an impact on me, that I decided to go back to school and become a chiropractor. My undergraduate degree in engineering was a perfect foundation for chiropractic as it is all based on the same biomechanical principals I learned in engineering. So I resigned my well paying secure and comfortable position as an engineer to become a poor student (again). While in chiropractic school, I earned an additional second degree in Human Biology.

Since then I have opened my clinic and built my team to help the Clarksville community. I love it! What a great job! I welcome you to come in and have a personal consultation to see how we can change your life for the better, just like it did with me. So many people don’t realize they don’t have to live with the pain and dysfunction they are struggling with right now.

A Different Kind of Chiropractic

Even if you think your diagnosis is something you are stuck with, let us determine if a different kind of chiropractic will work for you! We have a completely different approach to chiropractic. Even if you have been to other chiropractors, our gentle treatments are a different kind of chiropractic. We focus on the muscles and soft tissue. We have “No Cracking” adjustments that are great for kids, elderly and folks just afraid of getting “Cracked”.

Our staff is warm and inviting and you’ll feel like family on your first visit. If you would prefer to first email myself or Dr. Zupancic, please click on the link on our website and we will get back to you shortly after receiving the email. You may also feel free to contact our Clarksville office to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Joseph Rogers | Clarksville Spine & Rehabilitation | (812) 282-7500